Perforated Metal Sheets
& Products

Manufactured to your specifications.

Available Materials


Mild Steel

DD11, S275, S355*


Stainless Steel

304 grade, 316 grade, 320 grade, 312 grade *



1000 grade, 3000 grade, 5000 grade, J57s *

Visit our materials guide for more information.

Sheet Sizes

(568.071 px)

Maximum Sheet Length

The maximum length will vary depending on the material, thickness, and perforated pattern selected. The maximum possible length is 3500mm.

(344.333 px)

Maximum Sheet Width

The maximum sheet width is 1500mm although some patterns and thicknesses are resticted to smaller widths due to manufacturing capabilities.

129 px

Sheet Thickness

Sheet thicknesses are available from 1mm thick up to 6mm thick. *

Perforated Metal Finishes

Mill Finish

Natural unfinished surface.


A dry paint coating available in a range of colours.


A protective zinc coating applied to the surface to prevent rust.

Visit powder coating colours for a full list of our colours.

Standard Hole Shapes

Round Holes (R)

3mm diameter – 80mm diameter *

Square Holes (C)

5mm square – 50mm square *

Slotted Holes (LR)

5mm long – 30mm long, various widths *

Rectangular Holes (LC)

5mm long – 50mm long, various widths *

Perforated Metal Patterns


Each row of holes run in line with the next row.


Each row of holes if offsetting from the next creating a staggered pattern.

Visit perforated patterns for a full list of patterns, or contact us today for a fully bespoke quotation

Perforation Terminology

(568.071 px)


The overall length of the perforated sheet / plate. This is always the longer of the two dimensions.

(344.333 px)


The overall width of the perforated sheet / plate. This is always the shorter of the two dimensions.

(448.964 px)


The measurement from the center point of one hole to the center point of the next hole.

(190.526 px)


The measurement from the edge of one hole to the next hole.

Visit technical information for a full list of terminology.

Perforated Sheet Metal Products

Anti-Slip Raised Hole Flooring

Aluminium Perforated Sheets

Perforated Infill Panels

Car Transporter Flooring

Perforated Steel Sheets

Herbold Granulator Screens

Granulator Screens