Perforated Metal Sheets

Our perforated steel sheets can be customised in a variety of materisl and thicknesses including aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. Our perforated sheets are punched in house and made to order for projects of all sizes.

Standard Perforated Patterns

Other patterns are available on request. Contact us today for more information on your bespoke project.

R9 T20

R9 T15

R8 U17

R8 T18

R8 T16

R8 T12

R8 T11

R8 T10

R7 T17

R7 T11

R7 T10

R6 T9

R6 T18

R6 T12

R5 T9

R5 T8

R5 T7

R5 T15

R5 T10

R4 T8

R30 T40

R29 T44

R28 T42

R27 T40